Big round balloon | 90 cm (36") | Orange

Pretty big orange latex balloon, Fully inflated this orange balloons is 90 cm ("36") in diameter. These balloons are mostly used for decoration. Weddings, birthdays, Kingsday's and other events. You can inflate the balloons with helium if you like. This orange Balloon can also be printed. (Please contact us for information)
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Big round orange giant balloon of 90 cm (36") in diameter.

Useful information:

  • Fully inflated, this orange giant balloon contains around 0.38 cubic metres. This equals 380 liters.
  • The orange balloons weights 160 grams
  • The best way to inflate these orange balloons is with an electric balloon pump. To be found under "accessoires".
  • When inflated the easiest way to seal the balloons is using large balloon clips. To be found under "accessoires"
  • The orange balloons can be filled with Helium
  • The orange balloons are made of natural latex.

Have you run out of ideas for your next festive event? Why not treat yourself and your guest to large balloons? These floating giants add colour to any festivity and can be used in a variety of ways. You can put messages on them, play games with them, hang things on them, or simply use them for decoration. Your Kingsday party will be an unforgettable event with these balloons.

Large balloons are relatively inexpensive and they’re easy to come by, too. Just go to the BubbleXL web shop, browse through our large selection and order the balloons that take your fancy.

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Color Orange