Big, bigger, biggest, huge, XL Mega balloons

Big balloons are a great way to add an extra festive touch to any event, whether it’s a birthday party, wedding celebration, grand opening or other special occasion. Bubble XL is specialized in enormous large kingsize balloons.

When it comes to big balloons, there is much to choose from at Bubble XL. Obviously, we have a large variety of round balloons on offer. They range from 20-inch inflatables to giant balloons that are no less than 71 inches in diameter when fully inflated. These can be used not only for decoration purposes, but also serve as weather balloons or parts of giant artworks, for instance.

Some of our Giant balloons:

Apart from big balloons that are round, we also feature Zeppelin and heart-shaped giant mega XL balloons. All of them are available in many different colours.

And then there’s that very special type of balloon, the climb-in balloon –  referred to as a balloon egg, body balloon, step-in balloon and einsteig balloon. Yes, it’s true: you can literally climb into these big balloons. It’s a great experience that’s bound to make you and others laugh. These extra sturdy balloons, offered by Bubble XL in a variety of colours, will definitely be the talk of the party.

  1. Climb in Balloon
    Climb in Balloon

    Starting at €19.97

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