Big round balloon | 240 cm (8') | Orange

Orange Chloroprene 240 cm (8') Cloudbuster Balloons make Huge Impact at both outdoor and indoor events . A blend of natural and synthetic latex allows these larger-than-life balloons to withstand the elements and float for weeks when inflated with Helium. Its an all purpose whether balloon

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This 240cm (8') huge Orange Cloudbuster Chloroprene balloon is the largest balloon in it's kind. It is produced of Chloroprene, an synthetic Latex, and is extrmely flexible and strong. It can be filled with air and with Helium. Filled with Helium it will float for weeks.

  • The opening of the orange balloon is 5 cm wide and can be closed with a 5cm clip.
  • They weight of the balloon is 650 gram
  • Filled with Helium the lift ability is 7 kg!
  • To fill the balloon with Helium, you need 7.561 liters of Helium, we advise to use a mixture of 60% Helium and 40% Air.
  • It can float for weeks and if you use HI-Float you can even extend the floating period.
  • Don't try to inflate the balloon with your mouth, use the Balloon blower in de accessoires section.

If you want to print you logo or text on this huge orange balloon, we can provide flexible multi color vinyl stickers with your logo or text. Please email us your logo for pricing information.

De Choroprene Cloudbusters are produced by Qualatex who is recogniezed as the world leader in quality balloons.

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