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Climb in Balloons for balloon acts. These balloons are the largest and strongest we sell. The climb-in balloons are extra strong and have a wide neck (17cm) in order to pull the balloon over your body in all kind of acts. The balloons are used by artists and clowns all over the world. It is not difficult to perform the act. But for safety reasons, make sure there is always somebody available to help you incase of emergency. Make sure the balloon is fully inflated.
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These balloons are also called "Einsteig ballon" or "Einsteige ballon" or "Balloon Egg"

Useful information

  • Fully inflated, this balloon contains around 3000 liters, which is 3 cubic meters.
  • The neck of the balloon, the opening for climbing in is approximately 17 centimeters
  • Extra endurance because this balloon is dipped multiple times
  • Uninflated the balloons are approximately 52cm by 62cm
  • The balloons weights 400 grams
  • The best way to inflate these balloons is with an electric balloon pump. To be found under "accessoires".
  • When inflated the easiest way to seal the balloons is using large balloon clips. To be found under "accessoires"
  • The balloons are made of natural latex.

How to use instructions

  • Please inflate slowly. If possible with a low pressure balloon pump.
  • Do not use a compressor for inflating (too quick and too high pressure).
  • About 45 - 60 min after inflating the balloon is ready for use.
  • There are many ways how to use the balloon for a performance. Please visit Youtube for inspiration and tips. We are not responsible for damages or injuries during the performance. 
  • Please be aware that this balloon is mostly used by professional performers.


  • Bitte langsam aufblasen, wenn möglich mit einer Ballonpumpe.
  • Benutzen Sie keinen Kompressor, da die Geschwindigkeit und der Druck beim Aufblasen zu groß sind.
  • Etwa 45 bis 60 Minuten nach dem Aufblasen ist der Ballon einsatzbereit.
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