Colourful giant balloons

A giant event needs giant balloons. Eye-catching inflatables add a little bit of magic to any festivity. Whether it’s a birthday party or wedding anniversary, colourful large balloons can do wonders to put people in a festive frame of mind.

And, luckily for you, giant balloons don’t have to involve giant expenses. At Bubble XL you can order a variety of great large-format balloons at very reasonable prices. And you can do it all easily online. Obviously, we’ll do our very best to get your purchase to you as quickly as we can. Let the party begin!

Different shapes of giant balloons
Giant balloons come in many shapes and sizes. Best known are the round balloons, of which Bubble XL has a great selection on offer. These range from 20-inch diameter balloons to true giants that measure no less than 71 inches. And no matter what size you prefer, there are always many colours to choose from.

However, there are giant balloons in other shapes as well. Maybe you’d like a romantic heart-shaped balloon or have your heart set on a balloon that’s shaped like a Zeppelin. No problem, you can purchase these at Bubble XL as well.

Some of our Giant balloons:

Climb into a large balloon
If you’d like to create something big, please take a look at our multi-link balloons. These aren’t really giant balloons, but you sure can make something of gigantic proportions with them. Simply link many of them to each other, that’s what they’re made for.

Ever wondered what giant balloons look like from the inside? You can experience it with our funny climb-in balloons. You can actually step inside these large balloons, which can even fit more than one person. Are you looking for accessories such as balloon pumps, seals or valves? BubbleXL is happy to help you out with that as well.

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