Ordering is pretty easy and very simular to other webshops.

Adding products to your Shopping Cart
  1. When you see something you like, select the amount of products you like. If you are buying balloons, you can specify what colors you want
  2. You can only order products that we have in stock. We do that so we can garantee we can deliver the products in time. Press "Add to cart" to add the products to your shopping cart
  3. If your are finished shopping, click "SHOPPING CART" to check your shopping cart.
View cart and calculate shipping costs
  1. The shipping cost are calculated by the destination and the weight of all items in the order. Select your country to calculate the shipping costs
  2. If everything is OK, press "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT"
Your details and payment method
  1. If you ordered before, you can log in to make things easier, otherwise provide us with your details
  2. Select your payment method
  3. You will enter the confirmation screen. When everything is OK, you can continue. With this your order is final
  4. The final step is the payment process. For this we use the payment service of Multisafepay

If you have any questions, please Contact us