User Instructions Climbin Balloons

Caution: Never climb into a climbin balloon when you're alone.
Always have a person around with scissors who can open the balloon in case of emergency.

Make sure that the floor in the room where you will be using the climbin balloon is clean and contains no splinters or sharp objects. If the big climb balloon is inflated fully, the balloon is vulnerable for the following:

  • sharp objects
  • solvents
  • gasoline
  • some chemical liquids
  • the glue duct tape

The large climbin balloon will pop as it comes into contact with any of the above.

It is therefore not advisable to inflate the balloon with a petrol powerd leaf blower.

The big climbin balloon is so strong and thick that you can not inflate it with your mouth. It's best to inflate the balloon with a balloon inflator that you will find the accessories, or with an electric leaf blower.

The neck of the balloon is 17 cm wide, which is much wider than the nozzle of the balloon inflator. To inflate the balloon, wrap the balloon neck around the nozzle of the balloon inflater. While inflating you keep it thight and press it firmly so that the air cannot escape. By inflating the balloon you should take the time and do not rush. Prefer to use more than 15 minutes to fill it completely. If you do it much faster, for example with a compressor, then the balloon is not completely round. This means that some places of the balloon surface will be thicker and other places of surface. This makes the balloon fragile.

If it is possible, leave the balloon after inflation at rest for a while, for example, 45 minutes. You can close the climbin balloon with a balloon clip that you will find the accessories. The neck of the balloon is 17 cm, thus the 21 cm clip fits best. If you stretch the neck of the balloon, it will becom less wide and the 15 cm clip will fit as well. The advantage of the 15 cm clip is that it is shorter and thus firmer.

If the balloon is not popped during the show and you want to keep it for later usage you can put some talcom powder in and on the balloon and do the balloon in the wash dryer for 10 minutes at high temperature. The climbin balloon will shrink. The downside of using the dryer, is that your mother will be angry with you because the wash will smell like talcum powder for a while. You can then store the balloon in a dry dark place, for example in a box. Please note that the temperature in the room where you keep the balloon should never be lower than 10 degrees Celsius. 

There are several techniques to climb into the balloon. Take your time and check out these techniques in these Youtube movies.


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