Big round giant balloon | 120 cm (47") | Purple

Huge round purple giant latex Balloon, fully inflated this large balloons is 120 cm in diameter! (47"). This balloon is perfect for events, weddings, art projects and parties.

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A huge purple giant balloon of 120 centimeters (47") in diameter when fully inflated.

  • The opening of the purple balloon is 9 cm wide.
  • Fully inflated, this balloon contains 904 litres of air or Helium.
  • Filled with helium, the ability to lift is 600 gram.
  • It is best to inflate this balloon with an electric balloon pump. These can be found on our website under "accessories."
  • The balloon can best be closed with an 11 cm clip . You can also find these under "accessories."
  • The balloon can be filled with helium . Please ask for advice via the contact form .

This large giant latex purple balloon is beautiful and strong. It gives a cheerful touch to a special event. Whether it's a birthday party or wedding party, concert or other type of event, these colorful balloons of large size make it extra festive. Bubble XL is thé specialist in providing beautiful, large latex balloons.

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