A fun party balloon

Colorful balloons make any celebration that little bit more special. Especially when it comes to large, eye-catching copies. Anyone who wants a nice, big party balloon to brighten his party, contact the specialists Bubble XL.

In our shop, you have a wide choice of large balloons in many colors, sizes and shapes. Each model party balloon is delivered quickly throughout the Netherlands and beyond. And the accessories you might need, such as pumps, valves and closures, please do not book with us.

A party balloon is always a party at Bubble XL you can get a round party balloon diameters from 50 centimeters. The largest specimens in our collection measuring less than 180 centimeters. In fully inflated state contain up to 3000 liters of air. They do fantastic as decoration during each festival.

The special balloons BubbleXL For those who want something other than a round party balloon, we also have cigar and heart-shaped models. And you can create any shape you like our own special multi-link balloons by them to tie up.

However, our party balloon par excellence is the so-called "climb-in 'balloon. It is a super large, translucent balloon where you really fits in. You can even with several people climbing as you like. Such a balloon ensures driven a lot of fun at your party and make the celebration even bigger than it already is.

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